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Dental Implant Services in West Michigan

Male dentist showing an x-ray to female patient receiving dental servicesAt SplenDent Implant center, we believe that your oral health is just as important as a happy smile. Our experienced team of dentists, surgeons, assistants, and administrative staff provide the highest standard of care. From dental implants and fixed bridges to advanced 3D imaging and the innovative Teeth-in-a-Day technique, we offer treatment solutions that transform your smile and enhance your overall health and quality of life. Our cutting-edge facility offers quality dental services in the Western Michigan town of Norton Shores.


This innovative dental implant procedure enables patients to regain their smiles and improve their oral health in just one visit. Even if you’ve been told you are not a candidate for implants due to bone loss, Teeth-in-a-Day can give you back your smile. As a member of the team that created this innovative procedure nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Al Wesley continues to find ways to improve the surgical techniques that ultimately help our patients smile, eat, and speak with confidence. These durable, attractive snap-on implant dentures are attached to metal posts anchored in the jawbone. They are stable, strong, and can be used to replace one or both arches in the mouth in just one day.

Dental Implants

At SplenDent Implant Center we also offer single dental implants and fixed bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. A long-lasting teeth replacement option, single implants, and fixed dental bridges are anchored firmly into the jaw using safe, medical-grade titanium posts. Although the process for implants and bridges takes longer than teeth-in-a-day, it is highly effective. The appearance and feel of dental implants are almost identical to your natural dentition and can restore your confidence, increase your comfort level, and improve the function of your teeth.

Mouth Reconstruction

Our knowledgeable and compassionate team of dental professionals understands that missing or damaged teeth can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Your dentist will do a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and mouth, perform diagnostic tests such as 3D dental imaging and develop a personalized treatment plan designed for your specific needs and desired results. Our surgeons employ an array of reconstruction methods, using quality materials and advanced techniques to recreate your smile. In some cases, a full mouth reconstruction may be performed in just one visit.

Dental Anesthesia And Sedation

At SplenDent Implant center, we offer several different options for dental anesthesia and sedation. We know that dental anxiety can be an issue for many of our patients, and we want you to feel comfortable and calm during your dental implant treatment. Providing safe sedation options also enables our dentists and surgeons to effectively perform their work. We offer conscious sedation using nitrous oxide and/or oral anti-anxiety medication to help patients relax before and during their procedure. For complex cases or by patient request, we also offer IV sedation administered by an experienced nurse anesthetist for an extra cost.

3D Imaging

From dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to panoramic and traditional digital x-rays, our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment helps our dentists and surgeons get a good look at bone density, teeth positioning, the jaw, sinus, and overall health of your teeth and mouth. The unparalleled quality of 3D dental imaging allows us to effectively diagnose issues, create comprehensive treatment plans, and pinpoint implant placement more quickly and accurately than ever before.

We Care About Your Health And Well-Being

At SplenDent Implant Center, your health and safety are of the utmost importance. Our team of dental professionals adheres to the highest infection control standards and our office is equipped with medical-grade Surgically Clean Air Purifiers.

Our mission is to provide you with quality dental services that improve your overall well-being, inside and out, and strive to provide a welcoming environment where you feel at home from the moment you walk in the door.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Dental Implant Services In West Michigan

To learn more about the dental services we offer at SplenDent Implant Center or to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation implant consultation, contact us online or call (616) 446-7987. Our compassionate, qualified team serves patients in Norton Shores, Muskegon, and throughout western Michigan.