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Dental Surgeons Administering Anesthesia to Patient

In order to guarantee high quality service, SplenDent Implant Center provides the complimentary service of conscious sedation. For more complex cases and/or per request of our patients, we can provide IV sedation with a Nurse Anesthetist on site for a cost.
  • Conscious Sedation: The conscious sedation technique by inhalation of nitrogen oxide and oxygen is a safe and noninvasive technique. The patient breathes this mixture through a nasal mask, remaining conscious through the procedure. The effects of this type of sedation prevents anxiety and the perception of the procedure being performed, allowing for safe treatment for both the patient and the clinical team.
  • IV Sedation: IV sedation is a procedure that allows our Nurse Anesthetist to provide anti-anxiety medications directly into your bloodstream. You may sometimes see this referred to as "sleep" or "twilight" dentistry which may make you think you'll be completely unconscious during your procedure. In fact, you remain awake the entire time. You may not, however, remember much of anything once the medication wears off. IV sedation puts you in a state of deep relaxation, much more than nitrogen oxide and oral sedation. While the drugs are being administered, you generally will not care about anything going on around you. To receive IV sedation, a needle is used to insert a tube into the vein, usually on the top of your hand. The sedation drug is administered through this tube so it goes directly into your bloodstream. While you're under sedation, your pulse and oxygen levels will be monitored to make sure you don't have a bad reaction.