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Offering Fixed Bridge Surgery in the Muskegon Area of West Michigan

Fixed Bridge Surgery

If you have been impacted by tooth loss, dental fixed bridges might be an effective solution. At SplenDent Implant Center, which serves patients in the Muskegon area, our services are provided by Dr. Albert Wesley, D.D.S., who has over 30 years of experience with dental implants and surgery. He and our team members are standing by to assist patients from across West Michigan restore the functionality and appearance of their smiles.

About Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are made of medically safe, durable materials and anchored firmly in the patient’s mouth, resulting in long-lasting teeth replacements that are easy to maintain. They may also be colored to match your natural teeth for a seamless appearance and a smile you can be proud of.

Each bridge is composed of two implants, one at either side of the tooth gap. The gap is then filled by one or more false teeth suspended from the crowns. SplenDent Implant Center can apply this technique to restore a full quarter of your mouth, and we utilize bridges for all causes of tooth loss, including:

  • Injury or trauma
  • Tooth decay
  • Disease
  • Old age

Benefits of Our Fixed Bridges

When it comes to bridges and restorative dental procedures, there are a host of benefits to choosing SplenDent Implant Center. Under the care of Dr. Wesley and our highly skilled team, you can enjoy advantages such as:

  • Improved function: After surgery, you’ll be able to chew normally, speak without difficulty or inhibition, and get back to your previous level of function.
  • Preserving your teeth: Fixed bridges hold neighboring teeth firmly in place, stopping them from shifting to fill the gap(s) left by tooth loss. This preserves your natural bite and helps to prevent long-term bone decay.
  • Enhanced comfort: Most patients very quickly grow accustomed to the feel of dental bridges, which are just as comfortable as your natural teeth.
  • Convenience: Unlike dentures, fixed bridges don’t need to be removed for special cleaning or routine maintenance. Instead, they can be cleaned simply by brushing and flossing.
  • Confidence in your appearance: We can closely match your new bridge to the color and shape of your existing teeth, restoring your beautiful natural smile and self-confidence.

How We Revive Your Smile

The fixed bridge process begins with a consultation, where we will discuss your available options and determine whether a dental fixed bridge is right for your situation. If you are a good candidate, here’s what you can expect:

  1. The gap-adjacent teeth are prepared.
  2. A dental impression is taken to create an accurate mold. This is sent to a dental laboratory, where technicians fabricate a dental bridge that perfectly fits your mouth.
  3. We place implants into your jawbone to anchor the bridge.
  4. You may receive a temporary bridge to protect your gums.
  5. When your custom-made bridge is ready, we’ll securely place it in your mouth.

Schedule Dental Surgery Today

SplenDent Implant Center has pioneered faster, more efficient procedures, enabling us to complete the dental fixed bridge process more quickly and safely than ever. To restore the function of your mouth and start feeling good about your smile again, contact our Norton Shores office to schedule an appointment today.