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At SplenDent Implant Center, we transform your teeth into the smile of your dreams. We are the leading provider of implant dentistry in Norton Shores, MI, and the entirety of Muskegon County. Dr. Al Wesley and the rest of our dental implant specialists are passionate and committed to bringing the highest level of service to each patient. Our goal at SplenDent Implant Center is to provide patients with the best dental implant services available. How do we do that? We provide the best service by offering cutting-edge technology, compassionate staff, and a determination to give you your best smile.
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The SplenDent Implant Center Story

SplenDent Implant Center is a dental care center that truly cares about our community and clients. With over three decades of experience in this field, Dr. Al Wesley joined SplenDent Implant Center in 2018, and there is no one better to trust with your implant dentistry needs.
Dr. Al Wesley is a specialist in prosthodontics, oral health, beauty restoration, and single-visit dental implant procedures. With his many years of experience, he can easily transform or adjust your smile to create the smile you want to see in the mirror. Not only is he practiced and experienced, but he is also constantly thinking of the best ways to care for our patients. That's why he co-developed the teeth-in-a-day method. Dr. Wesley can completely rejuvenate your oral health during one appointment for your convenience.

Oral Restoration at Splendent Smiles in Michigan

Our Services

We utilize the latest dental technology and solutions, provided and administered by highly trained dental implant specialists. Our facility includes high-tech 3D scanners that take detailed images of your mouth. This technology lets us thoroughly assess your oral health condition and customize a treatment plan according to your needs and wants. Whether you need a minor or complex procedure, our tools and professionals will provide reliable and effective solutions. SplenDent Implant Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental implant services for our community. We offer:

How is SplenDent Implant Center different?

Our Doctor is one of the pioneers

Dr. Albert Wesley is one of the original creators of the procedure, Teeth In A Day

We have highly trained staff

Every one of our team members have had additional training in their area to guarantee the best possible service to our patients

We are one of the few dental offices that offer 3D X-Rays in office

This saves you time and money, while providing an additional diagnostic tool for the doctor to ensure that you get the very best treatment options available to you

Get NEW teeth in ONE day

If you are a candidate for our Teeth In A Day procedure, you could walk in with your broken down teeth and walk out with a brand new smile customized for YOU

We keep our patients comfortable with sedation services for procedures

Sedation dentistry takes away all dental fear and anxiety when getting your procedures done

We work with a high quality laboratory

Our custom smiles and teeth come from a top notch laboratory

We offer several financing options

Financing options allows patients to extend long term payments on treatment

Choose SplenDent Implant Center

For dental implant specialists who truly care about you and your satisfaction in the Norton Shores, MI area, choose SplenDent Implant Center. Not only do we have the education and experience to provide you with incredible implant dentistry services, but we also have the compassion and dedication to do so to your satisfaction. If you require dental implants, contact us today. You can schedule an appointment with us or call with any questions. We look forward to getting you the smile you want and deserve.

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