Dental Anesthesia in Norton Shores, MI

Comforting Dental Anesthesia in Norton Shores, MI

SplenDent Implant Center prioritizes safety and comfort. We want you to feel relaxed and confident when you arrive for your appointment to when you leave. We provide local dental anesthesia to our Norton Shores, MI patients to numb the areas affected by their treatments and procedures. Our anesthesia is safe for use and stays in effect for as long as you need it. Contact us to learn more about anesthesia today.
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What Is Local Anesthesia?

We apply local anesthetics through injection to numb your mouth, gums, cheeks, jaw, or any place where you might feel pain without it. First, our specialists cover the targeted area in a topical anesthetic, reducing sensation. The injections might initially sting a bit, but any feeling in the targeted area will quickly fade to numbness. We apply the proper anesthetic to keep the targeted area numb from the beginning to the end of your dental operation. Our specialists are trained to use anesthetics and have been doing so for years.
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Post-Anesthetic Care

After your procedure, your local anesthetic should wear off completely within a few hours. You should be able to drive yourself to and from the dental office without a problem. Dental anesthetic does not affect your movements or cognitive function, but it may be a bit irritating and distracting when your procedure is over. We recommend having someone else transport you before and after treatment if that would make you feel more comfortable. Many patients drool after receiving anesthetics and are prone to accidentally biting their cheeks, lips, and tongue. Any food or drink you consume immediately after your procedure can leak or fall out while your mouth is numb. Please refrain from eating overly hot food and drink after your procedure, so you don't burn yourself.

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