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A dentist must see your oral health's entire picture before they can properly treat and care for you. At SplenDent Implant Center, we do just that by providing innovative dental scans in Norton Shores, MI. Our technology includes the latest and greatest in dental imaging and x-rays, allowing us a meticulously detailed view of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, and more. After scanning, we can devise a customized treatment plan for you.
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Treatment Benefits

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Customized Personal Treatment Plan

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Early Detection of Dental Issues

You May Qualify for Single Visit Restoration

Do you want a completely restored smile in one appointment? If so, you may qualify for our teeth-in-a-day treatment. But first, we must ensure that your bone strength can support it. Our cone beam computed tomography scanner (CBCT) takes precise 3D images of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, and throat. We base your candidacy for teeth-in-a-day based on what we see in the images. Your bone strength and teeth-in-a-day approval can only be determined through a CBCT evaluation.




Orthopantomography involves taking panoramic x-ray images of your teeth, upper and lower jaw, and sinuses. This technology is used to assess and diagnose many dental-related problems, such as missing teeth, wisdom teeth, gum disease, oral fractures, and beyond. During your scan, you will put your chin on a cushy shelf and gently bite on a mouthguard. The scanner will then rotate around your head and capture images of your mouth and jaw in quick succession. We use our orthopantomographic scanner to evaluate oral health conditions and develop treatment plans daily. It is a safe and industry-approved way to learn about your oral health problems and takes almost no time to complete.

Accurate and Fast Dental Diagnosis

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