Teeth-In-A-Day in Norton Shores, MI

Single-Day Dental Treatments in Norton Shores, MI

Restore your smile to like-new condition during a single appointment! SplenDent Implant Center provides near-instant relief and beauty with single-day dental treatments for Norton Shores, MI and Muskegon area patients. Dr. Wesley and his team have perfected this revolutionary treatment. We are excited to guide you through how a teeth-in-a-day treatment is performed and the fantastic results it will provide you. Schedule a consultation for a terrific smile in one appointment.
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Treatment Benefits


Less Time Commitment

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Restore Natural Appearance

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Permanent Support & Sustainability

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Prevent Further Bone Loss

The Teeth-In-A-Day Process

The innovative teeth-in-a-day treatment has been developed, refined, and crafted by dental professionals for over 30 years. It provides total oral health and cosmetic restoration for patients missing all their teeth in one day. During your appointment, Dr. Wesley fixes both mouth arches with four or more titanium implants. The implants offer permanent support and sustainability for your teeth, mouth, and gums. No more waiting around for multiple appointments and complex procedures to get the smile you want. Your brand-new smile will arrive in one visit!
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Complete Patient Satisfaction. Proven Results.

The teeth-in-a-day treatment provides patients with many cosmetic and health benefits. Along with a new set of natural-looking implants, the bridges stabilize your mouth and prevent further bone loss. Usually, patients cannot believe that we produce such exceptional results in a single appointment. But after their treatment, they experience for themselves the restored beauty, functionality, and comfort as soon as they leave the office. If you suffer from total or severe tooth loss or you've been dissatisfied with your smile for a long time, don't wait to receive the help you need. The teeth-in-a-day treatment will provide you with immediate relief and confidence. Your single-day dental treatment will allow your smile to thrive!
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A Rejuvenated Smile Almost Instantly

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