Snap-On Dentures in Norton Shores, MI

Removable Dentures in Norton Shores, MI

Do you want to speak, chew, and smile like you used to? Choose SplenDent Implant Center to receive removable dentures in Norton Shores, MI and the greater Muskegon area. We provide complete and partial solutions to fill gaps left by missing teeth. A snap-on denture is a convenient solution that can be cleaned and maintained quickly so you can continue your daily life and activities without interruption.
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Treatment Benefits

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Maintain Natural Youthful Appearance

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Easy To Maintain

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Prevent Further Bone Loss

The Benefits of Removable Dentures

Removable dentures (also known as snap-on or clip-on dentures) function precisely like traditional dentures. The primary difference between the two is that you can take out removable dentures anytime. Snap-on dentures provide many benefits for oral health and beauty. Their appearance, texture, and function are like a natural tooth set. Snap-on dentures prevent your jawbones and mouth from losing bone loss, stabilize teeth, and maintain facial structures. Take your snap-on solution out before bed and let it soak overnight. It will be clean and ready when you wake up!
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Are Removable Dentures Right for Me?

Suitable candidates for clip-on dentures include patients with complete or severe tooth loss and those with worn-out implants. Even if past dentists have denied you traditional dentures or implants because of bone loss, we may still be able to qualify you for clip-on dentures. We determine your candidacy by analyzing your bone density with cutting-edge dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). The CBCT is a diagnostic device that captures the most precise 3D imaging in the area. The detailed imaging of your mouth and its bone strength enables our team to thoroughly assess your condition and decide if you should move forward with a removable denture treatment. We will devise a customized treatment plan to fulfill your oral health needs and desires if you qualify.
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