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Durable Dental Bridges in Norton Shores, MI

Has tooth loss harmed your smile? If so, fixed bridge surgery may be the right solution for you. SplenDent Implant Center restores smiles with dental bridges in Norton Shores, MI and the greater Muskegon area. Our dentist, Dr. Albert Wesley, D.D.S., brings over 30 years of experience and exceptional care to every patient. Our team is devoted to helping patients choose the right implant and smile again.
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What Is Fixed Bridge Surgery?

A dental bridge comprises durable, safe-for-use material that looks and feels like natural teeth. Before fixed dental surgery, our team assesses and preps the teeth near your tooth gap. Then, we make a precise mold of your mouth to formulate your implant. Once the implant is created, we firmly anchor it to your tooth gap and secure it in place. Depending on the circumstances, we may put in a temporary bridge while awaiting your permanent one. Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to us.
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How Can a Dental Bridge Help Me?

Fixed dental surgery provides your smile with boosted function, beauty, and comfort. During your consultation, Dr. Wesley and his team can guide you through the fixed bridge surgery process and determine if it's a suitable option for you. If so, we will proceed with the treatment so that you can reap the following benefits afterward:

  • Enhanced Function: Chew, drink, speak, and laugh like you used to.
  • Natural Tooth Preservation: Prevent natural teeth from shifting out of place or misaligning.
  • A Natural Feel: Enjoy an implant that appears and functions like your natural teeth.
  • A Fixed Implant: Use your implant and maintain it without ever having to take it out.
  • A Beautiful Smile: Feel confident and proud to smile again!
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